Die Zukunft von NHibernate?

Meine Meinung? Seid gewarnt, aber keine Panik!

by Jonathan Allen on Jun 20, 2013:
“…For many years NHibernate reigned as the premier ORM for the .NET framework and despite the successes of Entity Framework many people still consider it their first choice for new projects. But a lack of developers may severely hamper its future.
Currently there are only two significantly active developers, Alexander Zaytsev of Fourth Media and Oskar Berggren. They are making great strides in preparation for NHibernate 4 on .NET 4.0, but that doesn’t change the fact that .NET 4.0 was released over three years ago…”

Quelle: http://www.infoq.com/news/2013/06/NHibernate-Future

By Adam Bar on September 7, 2012:

“…NHibernate is a great tool, but time goes by pretty quickly. The context of our work changes from year to year and even good tools some day must be superseded by better ones, that are more suitable for nowadays needs. And I think that day for heavy, multi-purpose ORM’s like NHibernate has just come…”

Quelle: http://notherdev.blogspot.de/2012/09/is-nhibernate-dead.html

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